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May 15 - 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. Hoover Library - PTA Forming for Families of Children with Special Needs - updated 05/12/10

We are thrilled to announce the formation of a Community Outreach Special Education Parent-Teacher Association for our families of children with special needs, the first of its kind in the ENTIRE nation!  The group proposes to serve two functions:  support and information. The HSCIN has reserved the meeting space, with hopes that this meeting will serve to formally organize our families to serve the educational needs of children with any type of disability.  This is not a disability-specific group, rather a group of parents and families who are interested in bettering their children's education in our public education system.

Birmingham-Hoover Parents Start Alabama's First PTA for Families of Special Needs Children - May 5, The Birmingham News

This group will serve the broader school community, not only those in Hoover City Schools.  This includes the Vestavia, Mountain Brook, Homewood, Shelby County and Jefferson County areas, as well as any others who wish to participate.

Mrs. Donna Thomas, president of the Birmingham PTA Council, will present information on forming a Special Education PTA here in Hoover schools.  Similar groups have formed across the country

Nancy Anderson of the Alabama Disabilities Advocacy Program (ADAP) will introduce us to the resources ADAP  can offer families needing help navigating our education system.

Plans for future meetings include training sessions by the Alabama Parent Training Institute to help families understand IEPs, 504s, and other particulars surrounding their child's special education.

If you have a child who is using special education services, please join us on May 15 to kick off this very important endeavor. We welcome parents, grandparents, caregivers, educators, administrators, community members and relatives of children with special needs.

Response to Instruction (RtI) As Alternative to Hoover Schools At-Risk Elementary Summer School Program - posted 05/14/10

Click here to view the ALSDE's information RtI.  RtI is being implemented in the 2010-2011 school year as an alternative to the at-risk elementary summer school program. 

Hoover Schools Shelve Summer Program - May 6, The Birmingham News

Superintendent's Evaluation - posted 05/13/10

Click here to view the results of the 2010 Superintendent's Evaluation presented at the May 10th meeting.

Click here to view the results of the 2009 Superintendent's Evaluation.

Video from BOE May 10th Meeting - posted 05/12/10

Mr. Craig's evaluation was discussed at this meeting. 

Part I
Part II
Part III - public participation is in this part
Part IV - election of Board officers is in this part

Election of Board Officers Excerpt - 1 minute, 43 seconds; Mr. Bolt was elected President and Mr. Veitch was elected Vice President.

Personnel Reports - posted 05/11/10

Click to view the Personnel Reports approved by the Board at recent Board meetings.  These documents are public records.  Birmingham City Schools posts their personnel reports online prior to Board approval as part of the posting of board packets. 

March 8, 2010
April 12, 2010
April 29, 2010 (Called Meeting)
May 10, 2010

Board Self-Evaluation Documents and Meeting- updated 05/12/10

Click to view the documents reviewed at the May 4, 2010, board meeting outlining the Board's self-evaluation results.  Ms. LuAnn Bird conducted the evaluation discussion for the Alabama Association of School Boards (AASB).

The following are links to video the HSCIN took at the public meeting.  YouTube restricts videos to 10 minutes of content, which is why it is broken into parts.  The meeting lasted over 2 hours.  Eventually all parts will be posted, but it is a slow process, so please bear with us.

Part I                      Part VI                Part XI
Part II                     Part VII              Part XII
Part III                    Part VIII
Part IV                    Part IX
Part V                     Part X

Part XI is still being worked on, as I ran out of tape, recorded it on audio, then started taping again.

Click here to view the self-evaluation results from 2008.  The AASB conducted that session as well.
Click here to view video of the 2008 session - Part I
Click here to view video of the 2008 session - Part II

These are the only two videos posted on YouTube of the self-evaluation.

Click here to view then-President Donna Frazier's statement as to why she believed the self-evaluation should be conducted in 2008.  It starts at the 0:45 mark.  It should be noted that in 2009, when Mrs. Suzy Baker served as president of the Board of Education, Mrs. Baker did not conduct the self-evaluation.  The HSCIN applauds Mrs. Frazier's determination to comply with the Hoover City Schools' policy manual and conduct the self-evaluation.

Click here to view Superintendent Andy Craig's statement regarding the 24-mill fund on June 26, 2008.  Nothing like a blast from the past!

Assistant Superintendent of Instruction Job Posted - posted 05/06/10

Click the link to see the job posting for the "Assistant Superintendent of Instruction" posted by Hoover City Schools.  The Birmingham News stated that the position of "Chief Academic Officer" had a salary of $132,000.  Dr. Ken Jarnagin recently held the position of "Chief Academic Officer" but was reassigned to a district-level position of "Fine Arts Director" last week.   Applications will be accepted through May 19, 2010.

Since Mr. Craig was appointed by the Board of Education, two new high-paying Central Office positions have been added:  Chief Academic Officer and Fine Arts Director.  The Fine Arts Director is paid $120,000, according to The Birmingham News.

Task Force Presentation - posted 05/05/10

Click to view the documents presented to Superintendent Andy Craig as a result of the Finance Task Force meetings. 

Reports of Education Budget Cuts from Across the State of Alabama - posted 05/04/10

Chris Shaw Named Spain Park Principal - posted 04/30/10

Hoover School Board Picks Georgia Educator as Spain Park Principal - April 29, The Birmingham News

The HSCIN welcomes Mr. Shaw to Hoover City Schools.  A committee of parents, teachers, Central Office staff and school staff served on the search committee in a similar fashion to how other principals have been chosen recently.  Congratulations to all who participated in this successful search.

Dr. Ken Jarnagin Reassigned to Fine Arts Director for District, Band Director for Spain Park High School - posted 04/30/10

Regarding the reassignment of Dr. Ken Jarnagin to the Fine Arts Director position, an article in Friday's The Birmingham News further stated that Superintendent Andy Craig said that it is likely that a replacement will be found for the Chief Academic Officer position.  The HSCIN wishes Dr. Jarnagin well in his new position.  Dr. Jarnagin has long been a champion of bettering relationships among the various groups that form our school community.

Transparency Project 2010 Released - posted 04/27/10

The Alabama School Connection, formerly the Alabama School Community Information Network, has released the Transparency Project 2010.  This project is a re-review of Alabama's 132 public school district web sites seeking 35 specific pieces of information online.  Hoover City Schools' district web site was ranked in the Top 10 of all city school districts' web sites according to the information that was sought online during the January 2010 review. 

HSCIN Chairperson Trisha Crain served as lead author of the review, echoing the HSCIN's commitment to transparency.  The HSCIN supports all efforts of school districts to make public information available to our school communities across the state.  The review found that much more information is available online now than a year ago when the first review was conducted.  There is much to celebrate as our school districts work to strengthen the partnerships among their school communities.

Read the full project report here. 

Past Minutes of Board of Education Meetings - posted 03/31/10

As we look toward the future, it is sometimes helpful to review the past.  As such, we have provided for your convenience, each year's worth of Board of Education Minutes from 2005-2008 in PDF format, which makes them searchable for any particular topic or name.

2005 Board of Education Minutes (August to December)
2006 Board of Education Minutes
2007 Board of Education Minutes
2008 Board of Education Minutes

2009 and 2010 Board of Education Minutes are available at this link as are others.  The format provided above is all of the year's minutes in one document per year.

Amounts Allocated to Each School for Current School Year - posted 03/26/10

Click the link below to view the amounts distributed to each school for the current school year 2009-2010 based on formulas included in the budget and decisions by the Board of Education.  It is interesting to compare the amounts to those from previous school years to clearly see how school funding is affecting our schools.

2009-2010 (Current year)

Task Force Documents - posted 03/14/10

Posted below are the documents given to the members of the Task Force at their original gathering.  Click here to view the members of the Task Force.  The members are also listed in the documents. 

How to Make a Public Records Request - posted 03/14/10

If you wish to make a public records request, you should do so in writing.  The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Coordinator for Hoover City Schools is Jason Gaston, who also serves as Communications Director.  You can make the request via postal mail or e-mail.  The request should contain some form of the following language:

"Pursuant to Alabama open records law, I/we request that within 30 days that Hoover City Schools produce and permit inspection and copying of the following documents".  Then list the actual documents you are looking for.  If you do not know the actual name of the documents, be as clear as possible when describing the contents of the documents.  Most of the documents posted on this web site are a result of public records requests made by the HSCIN. 

Remember that public agencies, such as Hoover City Schools, are required to maintain documentation of every business transaction conducted as well as communications regarding those transactions. 

The types of information available through public records requests include:  e-mails using the Hoover City School system server (any e-mail address directed to hoover.k12.al.us), invoices for purchases made by the school system, discipline reports (known as Student Incident Reports) outlining the various incidents occurring in our schools, and various other public documents that contain the public's business. 

One of the failures of the Alabama public records law is that it does not specify a set time the public agency must respond to your request.  Senate Bill 152 has been introduced into the Alabama Legislature to require public agencies to complete the request within 5 working days.  The bill further states that any fees required may not exceed the actual cost of the duplication of the records.  This bill would go a long way to ensure Alabama's citizens have timely access to our public records. 

Sunshine Review's page on the Alabama Public Records Law
Alabama Center for Open Government's page on Access to Government Records
Alabama Administrative Code Section 36-12-40 Regarding Public Records
Alabama Administrative Code Section 36-12-41 Regarding Public Records

Minutes from Hoover City Schools' PTO/PTA/PTSOs - posted 03/14/10

Click on the link to see your school's PTO/PTA/PTSO site.  If Minutes are posted, a link is provided to that as well.  If you do not see your school's site listed, we were unable to locate the site.  If you have a link, please send it to us and we'll include it here!

Hoover High PTSO Site Hoover High PTSO Minutes
Spain Park High PTSO Site

Bumpus Middle PTO Site - Bumpus PTO Minutes
Simmons Middle PTO Site - Simmons PTO Minutes

Bluff Park PTO Site - Bluff Park PTO Minutes
Deer Valley PTO Site - Deer Valley PTO Minutes
Green Valley PTO Site -
Green Valley PTO Minutes
Greystone PTA Site
Gwin PTO Site
Riverchase PTO Site
Rocky Ridge PTO Site
Shades Mountain PTO Site - Shades Mountain PTO Minutes
South Shades Crest PTO Site
Trace Crossings PTO Site -
Trace Crossings PTO Minutes

Check Registers ONLINE!

Hoover City Schools now publishes their check registers online, in accordance with state law.

March 2010 Check Register
February 2010 Check Register
January 2010 Check Register
December 2009 Check Register

November 2009 Check Register
October 2009 Check Register

There is no better way to stay in touch with how our public school officials are spending our tax dollars.  Please take a moment to look through the report.

State Monitoring Report from 2007 - posted 03/14/10

Click to view the Alabama State Department of Education's Comprehensive State Monitoring Reoprt for the Hoover City Board of Education, conducted April 17-20, 2007.  The state conducts monitoring every three years to "adequately monitor public school systems in Alabama for compliance with appropriate laws and regulations."  Hoover City Schools is due for Monitoring during the 2010-2011 school year.  Take time to review what our State Department of Education monitors our school system for to determine compliance.   Knowing which "boxes" need to be checked shows on what our Board of Education focuses.  Click here to see the State Department's page on LEA Compliance Monitoring.

Class Size Reports 2006 - present - posted 03/14/10

The following table lists class sizes reported to the Alabama State Department of Education.  Click on the cell in the row of the school you are interested in to view a PDF of each teacher, each teacher's class, and the number of students in that class.  The school year is indicated by "06-07", meaning the report shows class sizes for the 2006-2007 school year, etc.

If you would like to view these reports yourself from the Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE) website, click here You should choose system 158 - Hoover City Schools, to begin, then whatever you're looking for.  Then choose a school.  If you would like to see the detail as presented in the Excel spreadsheets above, choose "True" for "expand all teachers?".  Choose the school year, then "View" to see the report.  You can export the file once you see it.  Click the pull-down menu to choose what type of export you want to do, then click "Export". 

SCHOOL/YEAR 06-07 07-08 08-09 09-10 10-11
Bluff Park


07-08 08-09 09-10  
Deer Valley 06-07 07-08 08-09 09-10  
Green Valley 06-07 07-08 08-09 09-10  
Greystone 06-07 07-08 08-09 09-10  
Gwin 06-07 07-08 08-09 09-10  
Riverchase 06-07 07-08 08-09 09-10  
Rocky Ridge 06-07 07-08 08-09 09-10  
Shades Mountain 06-07 07-08 08-09 09-10  
South Shades Crest 06-07 07-08 08-09 09-10  
Trace Crossings 06-07 07-08 08-09 09-10  
Berry 06-07 07-08 08-09 09-10  
Bumpus 06-07 07-08 08-09 09-10  
Simmons 06-07 07-08 08-09 09-10  
Hoover High Freshman Campus   07-08 08-09 09-10  
Hoover High Senior Campus 06-07 07-08 08-09 09-10  
Spain Park High 06-07 07-08 08-09 09-10  

Common Core Standards - posted 03/15/10

Click here to view the Common Core Standards being proposed by the Council of Chief State School Officers and the National Governors Association.  The public (that's us!) has until April 2, 2010, to comment on the standards.  These groups are advocating for national standards in our curriculum.

Recent News Articles and Newsletters

PLEASE NOTE al.com posts news related to Hoover schools at this link.

Because al.com has changed the flow of information from The Birmingham News to their web site, we are no longer posting links to news articles. 

If you would like to have Updates on this site delivered to your e-mail address, click hereAlso on that page is an archive of the What's New e-mails that have been sent.


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